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Feel like home, choose between Hotels, Apartments, Rural Houses... or just the cheapest option



Enjoy the best of San Sebastian, Guipuzcoa and Basque Country: Gastronomy, sport, cinema, events and much much more in a city full of life.



Where and when you want: Feel free to move anywhere in the city

Juliá Montero

It has been an amazing experience. Feel the freedom at this level of autonomy, just few times before I felt something like this...

Co-Founder Barcelona Zero Limits

    What is Bask for All?

    Tailor-made trips

    We are an Accessible Tourism company, that wants to adapt all culture, gastronomy, sports and touristic activities of Donostia-San Sebastian, Gipuzkoa and Basque Country, to everyone.

    To accomplish it, we have a huge network of services and activities at local and regional level, all compromised with quality and responsible tourism.

    From the beginning, we have the compromise of offer inclusion, integration and normalization, to everyone with functional diversity.

    Our main objective is to position, Donostia-San Sebastian, Gipuzkoa and Basque Country as a reference in Accessible Tourism at international level.

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    We want you to feel confortable, by your choice and of course, enjoy

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    Your will hace a tailor-made offer acording to your needs.

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